With our unconventional „purpose“ expertise we help to gain a unique foothold.
Areas of business we serve.
3D Printing, software, digitization, automation, healthcare, biopolymere industry,

Corporate MindSet Coaching – Culture and Purpose Whisperer
+ Development, integration and finetuning of Corporate MindSet
+ Leadership (Employees identify themselves with corporate goals.)
+ Realization (Basics to generate agility and speed)
+ Personality and career development matching the Corporate MindSet
+ Teamspirit (Communication across area-responsibilities)

Personality Coaching
+ Personality development, attitude, authenticity, (profession vs.private)
+ Communikation, Top-down, Bottom-up (attitude vs. behaviour)
+ Potential development of dormant values and abilities
+ „On the Job“ Reflexion, coachee oriented
+ Gapclose – difference to Corporate MindSet

+ Finding leaders, managers and experts matching the Corporate MindSet
+ Acquiring employees for all areas of busines matching with Corporate MindSet

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