EMEA Market Entry

Are you negotiating to expand your business to EU or EME(A)?

Please be aware that within EU we have 27 different languages with different cultural background. EU business is unique!
To copy your known business culture by made experience (Asia, USA) is a big mistake in first place.
If made, you need to generate a very cost intensive corporate image (for customers) and spirit (for emplyees) re-start process.

To serve big customers in the EU you need THEIR trusth and faith based on THEIR cultural business behavior expectations. („It is important to put the money where the mouth is“).
We are the outstanding „cultural business“ support partner. You gain and get the best possible professional „kick-off“ for your EU organisation.

Together with our partners we help in Central/Eastern EU and Middle East.

+ Legal, Tax and HR service (company formation, patent issues, hiring, contracting)
+ Distribution and retail partnerships, M&A services
+ Interim company management, market development strategies,
+ Interim office management (Op’s, office space, show room, warehouse rentals)

More Information
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