Fear is a bad counselor

The methode to gain power over fear.

Most humans decide based on following their preconscious perceptions of doubt, concern, worry.
In my opinion this is mentally: slavery of fear, but is mainstream, is in-thebox.

Out.ofthebox (IMO) is a lifelong decision – to realize and accept fear.
But to decide and to follow inner confidence, faith and trust.

Developed personalities act so. They live self-confidence and self-esteem.

Out.ofthebox mindsets:
deal with manageable risks, offer creativity, are leading with faith and trust, have confidence to achieve wanted results, communicate very open, have a winning spirit, accepts controverse opinions, have cultural awareness, are self-motivated instead of ego oriented.

Developed they are rare, but most natural, authentic leaders and entrepreneurs have this mindset. Each human beeing has the potential. Development of personality leads to change from ego-driven motivations to personal responsibility to an out.ofthebox mindset.

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