„People First“ is an attitude exemplified by top management in the company with a weighting
the concerns and needs of individual appreciation of middle management and employees.

„People First“ has the approach to promote self-confidence and trust appropriately. The resulting solidarity and identification results in above-average commitment and performance.
In short, when people are usually „happy“ at work, they deliver significantly better results.
Almost every top manager agrees.

The reality in the professional everyday life looks differently.

Between 60-85 % of employees are either on duty or unproductive. Studies of the Gallup Institut occupy this for decades and number from it an economic loss of approx. 200 billion €/year.

The transition to a „People First“ company is neither expensive nor lengthy.
It requires a deliberate plan, not decreed or ordered from above but amicably. If employees perceive from their managers that they, the employees, have the highest priority, the process of transformation is broadly supported.

However, management is challenged to communicate what they will do to gain the appreciation and recognition of employees.

I say: „Money is a result, not a goal. So what are the new milestones and targets?“